Benefits of Participating

    • Why should my child learn how to play an instrument?

      1. To expand their ability to express and communicate

      2. To escape the mundane and learn inexhaustible insights

      3. To help them be active participants in their world

      4. To help them realize certain talents and potentials

      5. To learn to evaluate and make judgments

      • Current research confirms that the study of instrumental music is one of the most effective tools to improve learning throughout a child’s school career.

      • Recent statistics indicate that young people who participate in instrumental music are among the academically strongest in their schools.

      • Participation in instrumental music helps children to develop skills that will benefit them and provide success for them throughout school and their adult lives.

      • “Students really benefit from participation…they learn dedication, cooperation, responsibility, and the joy of one common passion.” –Dr. William Payn, music professor Bucknell University

    • Music participation enhances:

      • Problem solving
      • Teamwork
      • Goal-setting
      • Self-expression
      • Coordination
      • Memory skills
      • Self-confidence and self-esteem
      • Concentration
      • Poise
      • Self-discipline
      • Persistence
      • Responsibility
      • And much more!


    • A child’s music study also offers opportunities for shared family experiences, including:

      • Concert attendance

      • Family music making

      • Performing for and with family and friends

      • Learning about the lives of composers and the cultural heritage of many civilizations

      • A sense of accomplishment and pride for the entire family