Welcome to the 4th and 5th Grade String Orchestra!

  • When are my lessons and morning rehearsals?

    Lessons are on Day C. A schedule is posted in the instrumental room and your classroom teacher will have a copy-it’s pink. On the back of the lesson schedule is the morning practice schedule for the concerts.


    What do I do if I have a test during my lesson time?

    If you have a test, please see Miss Hopkins for a new time/group to come with. It’s important you don’t skip your lesson, we only see each other once a cycle and we have a lot to do to get ready for concerts.


    What happens if I forget my instrument?

    You should still come down to your lesson to see write down your homework, get any handouts, and if we are taking a paper/pencil quiz you’ll need to take the quiz.


    What do I bring to my lesson?

    You should bring your folder, book, and instrument. Leave violins/violas/cellos upstairs neatly in the instrument cubbies until it’s time for your lesson. 


    How much should I be practicing at home?

    You should be practicing at least 80 minutes a week (4 days, 20 minutes each time). If you feel that you need more practice, do it the goal is to feel prepared for each lesson, quiz, and concert.


    How am I graded?

    There are two parts to your grade.

    • Musicianship: being prepared with materials, instrument technique, and knowledge of notes/rhythms/dynamics/musical concepts
    • Performance: can you play the notes/rhythms/dynamics/musical concepts/songs, can you label the notes/rhythms/dynamics/musical concepts

    Each lesson you will get up to 10 points for musicianship and a performance grade (paper/pencil test, playing test, homework check)


    What if I need help or don’t understand something?

    Come down to see Miss Hopkins on Day A, B, or C. Or have a grown-up email Miss Hopkins at lhopkins@dasd.org and we’ll figure it out