• Winter Concert 2021
    Wednesday, December 8
     6:30 PM
    Springton Manor Elementary School 
    Concert Attire
    Dress pants, khakis, dress or skirt, any color
    Dress shirt, any color (polo, button-down, blouse); try not to have any pictures or words
    Dress shoes (no sneakers or super high heels)
    Patterned shirts, dresses or skirts are fine
    Please have your child(ren) at the school by 6:15 pm and send them to the music room.
    Performers will stay in the music room during the concert until their turn to perform.

    Daytime Concert: 

    • We will have chorus rehearsal the morning of the concert since it is a D day. 
    • Students come dressed in their concert clothes. 
      • Concert attire should be anything nice (like what students might wear for picture day or to a nice restaurant). 
      • There are no specific colors or style they have to wear but try to avoid jeans and sneakers if possible. 
    • Have students bring a change of clothes so they can change after the concert is over and save their concert clothes so they don't get dirty.

    Evening Concert:

    • Students should arrive in concert attire around 6:15 PM and come to the music room for warm ups; families can find a seat in the cafeteria.
    • There is no size limit of the audience, however masks are required for everyone for the duration of the concert (including performers).
    • The concert will begin at 6:30 PM with orchestra, then band, then end with chorus. The performance will last approximately 45 minutes.
    • Chorus students will stay in the music room during the other performances to save seating in the cafeteria. Please do not send any electronics or coats with the students.

    Side Note: if you are considering having your child get the COVID vaccine at one of the vaccine clinics that the district is offering, please use the first date (November 15th), as the date of the second does for the second date is the night of our concert. Basically, please choose the November 15th date, because the second dose for that is December 6th. If you choose the second date, then that means the second dose will need to be done on December 8th and might interfere with your child's ability to participate in the concert if you don't get an early enough time. Disregard this note if you are not considering the vaccine at this time or if you are choosing a different vaccine location.