• 4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to participate in our extra-curricular chorus program, which takes place in the morning before school begins. This program not only teaches students proper singing and breathing techniques, but also gives them performance experience that will prepare them for their future in the DASD music program. Students will learn to sing a variety of songs from different cultures, time periods and styles that will both entertain and teach. I truly hope that your child will be able to join us and share their love of music.

    Rehearsals will take place D day mornings, from 7:45-8:30, beginning Thursday, September 23 in the cafeteria. I am asking all participants to be in attendance & prompt at every rehearsal in order to get the most out of the experience – if any student misses more than 3 rehearsals, they may be asked to not perform in the concert. 

    Normally, there are two concerts – a winter concert and a spring concert, both of which will take place in the evening; both concerts also include the band & orchestra, with the full concert lasting about an hour. In the happy event that we are able to perform live and in person - The winter concert date is Wednesday, December 8th and the spring concert date is Thursday, May 12th, beginning at 6:30 PM. Further communication regarding live performances will be forth coming as we come closer to the concert date.

    Click the other links to find out more information and/or to enroll your child in chorus.