Guide to the Mobile Website

  • The DASD Mobile Site was created to give you access to the most important information with just one or two clicks from your mobile phone or tablet.


    1)  Yellow Arrows

    If a yellow arrow beside a topic is pointing down, that means there are more options listed.  Simply click ON the yellow arrow to view the options.


    Click on the "menu" box.   You will see six options to select from.  If there is an arrow on the right, that means you have several options to select from under that heading. 

    • Global Links gives you access to the white icons that are on the top of every website.  Those include; 
      • Parent Portal
      • Food Services
      • The District Calendar 
      • Employment
    • Site Shortcuts gives you access to the yellow tabs that are on the top of every website.  Those include;
      • Students
      • Parents
      • Community
      • Staff
    • Account provides access to the log in page for staff
    • District Home takes you out of the menu options screen. 
    • Select a school takes you to your child's school website.
    • Site Navigation lets you see all the "blue tabs" that are on the website.  Those include
      • Our District
      • Schools
      • Departments
      • School Board
      • Get Involved
      • DASD Pride 
      • Calendar