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    Parent to Parent (formally known as Safe Homes) is a support network which provides information, resources and opportunities for parents to help each other raise kids who make positive choices. 
    Parent 2 Parent Goals… 
    •  To make our home a safe, temptation-free place to be for our children and their friends
    •  To encourage parents to openly communicate with one another about parenting concerns 
    •  To empower parents in continuing to educate themselves about the pressures our children face in the community
    •  Establish and communicate healthy proactive guidelines and expectations to our children early and often


    As Parents We Will...Support each other and the youth of the community while we:


    • Model healthy behavior
    • Actively supervise all gatherings or parties of youth in our home and on our property
    • Inform parents/guardians if we will not be home when their child plans to visit
    • Welcome calls from other parents when their child plans to visit our home, as well as calling to verify adult supervision when our child visits another home
    • Not allow the possession or use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) by underage youth in our home or on our property
    • Keep alcohol, tobacco, all medications including prescription drugs, and firearms inaccessible and monitored
    • Discuss expectations and accurate information pertaining to ATOD use, firearms, personal safety, and respectful relationships with our children - early and often, in an age appropriate manner 
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