First Name Last Name Dept./Title Extension Email
Jackie Englehart Administrative Assistant 4600
Carrie McBride Secretary 4650
Kristen Blankmeyer Aide
Kayla Brown Lunchroom Monitor
Carl Cannon Custodian
Mary Coburn Library Aide/Teacher Support Aide
Meghan Dennis Supervisor of Special Education 6160
Alyssa Detz Speech Therapy
Carrie Dickman Supervisor of Special Education 6276
Diana DiLeo Instructional Aide
Christina Grandizio Aide
Jon Hoxter Custodian
Brianne Johnson Occupational Therapy
Jeannie Lamb Instructional Aide
Mary Jane McAvoy Instructional Aide
Shannon McLaughlin Instructional Aide
Terrie Miles Cafeteria Server
Nancy Murray Lunchroom Monitor/Teacher Aide
Patty Pileggi Instructional Aide
Veronica Riches Special Education Aide
Eloise Schoch Instructional Aide/Teacher Support Aide
Kim Teklits Cafeteria/Playground Aide
Tabetha Trofa Cafeteria Manager
Sonya Vasile Physical Therapy
Kirsten Weiler Occupational Therapy Assistant