• PA state law requires written documentation anytime a student is not present for school.

    School Board Policy 204 - Attendance

    ABSENT:  When a student is absent from school for any reason, a signed parent/guardian excuse note or email excuse note must be returned within three (3) days of the student's absence.  If an excuse note is not submitted within that timeframe or if the excuse provided is not an acceptable excuse, the absence(s) will remain unexcused and/or illegal.  A physician’s excuse is also required for any consecutive absence of more than three (3) school days.  

    Click here to download a copy of the District’s Absence Excuse Form.  You may also email dm_attendance@dasd.org (preferred) as a replacement for this excuse card.  You will receive an automatic reply/confirmation that your note was received via email.  Please include the following when reporting the absence: 


    Students are allowed up to 10 excused absences per year, after which, documentation from a professional of the healing arts will be required for each subsequent absence. 

    EARLY DISMISSAL:  A written request, by a person in parental relation for early dismissal of a student, must be submitted to the school office no later than the morning of the day scheduled for early dismissal.  Click here for a copy of the District’s Early Dismissal Form.  Fully completed forms may be brought to the front office by the student on the morning of the early dismissal, after checking with the homeroom teacher. An early dismissal pass will be issued at that time, so that the student may meet you in the office at the designated dismissal time. The person in parental relation must come into the school office to pick up a student for early dismissal, and a photo ID must be presented for verification.

    If your child forgot said form for an early dismissal, please send an email to our attendance clerk, Ms. Dunlevy (adunlevy@dasd.org). Please include the following when reporting the dismissal: 

    • Student Full Name (First & Last)
    • Grade
    • Date of Early Dismissal
    • Time of the Requested Dismissal 
    • Reason for Dismissal with name and telephone number of doctor/dentist, if applicable
    • Signature and Phone Number of person in parental relation

    Any time you have an emergency need for an early dismissal, please call the school at (610) 518-0685.


    LATES: If a student arrives late, we need written documentation - either a doctor or parent note.  You may drop your child off with said note at the front office; a parent/guardian is not required to sign them into school.  You can submit notes via email (preferred) to our attendance clerk, Ms. Dunlevy (adunlevy@dasd.org), OR via student drop-off to the front office.  Please include the following when reporting the late: 

    • Student Full Name (First & Last)
    • Homeroom Teacher
    • Grade
    • Date
    • Reason - Please note that not all lates are excused, even with a parent note.


    EXTENDED ABSENCE/VACATION:  Non-school sponsored educational and extended trips may be excused by the principal if the request is submitted no less than three (3) days in advance.  Student academic records will be examined prior to any approval.  The form is available below and should be emailed to dm_attendance@dasd.org to be processed for approval. 

    Work missed due to approved educational tours or trips may be made up, but the responsibility for the completion of that work will remain with the students and/or parents.  Teachers will work with students and parents, but not necessarily send work for the days of excused absence.


    STUDENT BUS PASS:  To secure permission to ride a bus other than the assigned bus, a parent must write a note to the principal stating the nature of the emergencyBecause most buses are near capacity, bus passes will only be granted in extraordinary situations.  The note should include a phone number where the parent can be reached during the day.  The student must deliver the note to the office in the morning so that the parent can be contacted to confirm the change of transportation.  No student will be permitted to ride another bus without confirmed parental permission.  Students should return to the office to pick up the approved bus pass later in the day so that they can present the bus pass to the bus driver.