• practicum options


    Each Academy culminates in the senior year with an individualized STEM Practicum in which students participate in a career exploration, independent research project or a university - credited course.

    Career Exploration

    The Career Exploration is a 21-hour job shadow experience where a student will attend a partnership at an off - campus location in the community. This opportunity could be provided through STEM Academy relationships or can also be a student generated opportunity.   Career Exploration is for students who wish to explore career opportunities in the STEM field of their choice that is not included in the traditional school curriculum. Students may begin their Career Exploration as early as the end of their junior year and typically occurs the summer between Junior and Senior years. This program provides them with the opportunity to gain experience within our own community and make informed decisions regarding their future career choice in a specialized program to meet their individual needs. Upon completion of the experience students hand in a Portfolio documenting their experience.

    Academy Independent Research Project

    In conjunction with a faculty member, students who choose to complete an independent research project will select a specific topic for research in a STEM area of interest . A faculty member will serve as his/her advisor. This will include scheduling meeting times with the advisor, who, in turn, will assist in finding resources and opportunities for the execution of a defined project and define more completely the expectation for the quality of the final outcome that will serve as the basis for assessment of the independent research project.

    Pathway College/University Course

    In partnership with local colleges/universities, the STEM Academy may offer students the opportunity to enroll in a college level course in a STEM field. Students participating in college coursework will receive college credit per the participating institution and Practicum recognition only. No credit for IB courses or other STEM courses will be awarded. The college establishes admittance and other criteria for participation. Students will be responsible for tuition, fees and course materials. Students should investigate the feasibility of credit transfers from partnering university to the student’s post - high school university of choice. Each university has processes, procedures and practices for accepting credits from other universities.