-Practicum Experience - May 2014 
    The STEM Practicum is the culmination of students’ work and experiences in their STEM Pathways at the Academy, further developing their critical thinking and practical work skills.

    The STEM Academy has forged relationships with local businesses and corporations to provide experiential learning opportunities for students. Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning through site visitations, guest lectures, mentors and career explorations with our corporate partners.

    The Practicum also provides students with the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their future career choices. The Practicum experience is designed for career readiness and is connected to work force development.

    STEM Academy business partners have emphasized that technology “gets students in the door” but it is the collaboration and communication skills which enable an employee to stay and succeed in a career. For that reason, The STEM Academy has developed “soft skills training” as part of the Practicum experience.

    The Practicum “process” starts in the freshman year with soft skills training which prepares the students for their practicum; continues with a Career Fair junior year to match students with career exploration opportunities, and culminates with a career exploration experience typically the summer between Junior and Senior year. Learn more about the Practicum!