Service Desk...

  • The sole objective of the technology division is to provide superior service in support of teaching and learning.

    The DASD website includes useful information on the most common issues logged by users. Please be a regular visitor to the Tech FAQs and Staff FAQs to keep current.

  • Here’s how to request Tech Support:

    1. Service Desk Request
      1. Parents, the first time you visit the Service Desk portal you will need to register. Follow the video or document directions to register.
      2. Students, grades 6-12, you should enter your own tickets, use your DASD credentials, it’s Single Sign-On (SSO). Follow the video or document directions for submitting a Service Request.
      3. Students, grades K-5, your parent or teacher should enter tickets on your behalf.
      4. DASD employees, your online Service Desk portal account is Single Sign-On (SSO).
      5. The online Service Desk portal is available 24/7/365.
      6. Please enter one ticket per issue.
      7. Samples of tech support topics to use the portal for:
        1. Password resets on apps.
        2. I can’t login to Schoology or Infinite Campus.
        3. Something went wrong with my student registration, help!
        4. My network drive is missing.
      8. Response times vary depending on demand and request type. However, the goal is to respond to each Service Desk request within one business day after being opened.
    2. Service Desk Live Chat:
      1. This is a new feature for 2020-21 and in a pilot phase to extend Tech Support hours.
      2. Customers must first login to the Service Desk portal, per the above directions.
      3. Service Desk Live Chat availability:
        1. Mon – Thur: 7:00 – 9:00 AM, 2:00 – 4:30 PM
        2. Friday: 7:00 – 9:00 AM (Sorry, no PM hours on Fridays)
        3. The Service Desk Live Chat icon will not be available to click on outside of these times.
        4. If all the Service Desk Live Chat agents are engaged, the customer will be notified.
      4. If the Service Desk Live Chat pilot is successful, DASD will look to extend the availability.
      5. Samples of support requests to use the Service Desk Live Chat for in two minutes or less:
        1. How do I check my voicemail?
        2. How do I clear the cookies and cache?
        3. Could you provide me with the link or directions to (insert site)?
        4. We moved, how do I change my demographic information?
        5. I’m leaving the district, how do I return my child’s device?
      6. If the Service Desk Live Chat cannot be resolved in a few minutes, it will be converted into a Service Desk request by the agent.
    3. Service Desk Phone Support for EMERGENCIES at: (610)269-8460 Ext: 81811
      1. Phone support availability for emergencies:
        1. Monday - Friday: 7 AM to 4 PM
      2. Samples of emergent scenarios to call in for:
        1. I see incorrect information for my child(s) demographic information in Infinite Campus.
        2. We’re getting 404 messages when trying to access Schoology.
        3. Connectivity in the classroom is down.
        4. Classroom projector is not working.
      3. If the reason for calling is not emergent, the agent will direct the customer to enter an online ticket, per the above.
    4. Drive up Tech Support at Central Office: AFTER remote support has been attempted.
      1. Drive up Tech Support is by appointment ONLY, after remote support has been attempted.
      2. Please park in the numbered spaces (1-10) at the white tent at door #3 (second driveway entrance): 540 Trestle Place, Downingtown, PA 19335
      3. Samples of drive up Tech Support scenarios:
        1. Cracked screens.
        2. Damaged charger.
        3. Software updates & security patches.
        4. Loaner device pickup and return.
      4. The appointment and follow-up support shall occur through a Service Desk request at the direction of the agent, per the directions above.

    The Technology Division Structure: Pursuing UNRESOLVED tickets:

    Three Departments of the Tech Division - Main DASD Phone# (610) 269-8460

    1. Network & Security
      1. Mike Balik, Team Leader - Ext# 11510
        1. WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi
        2. Print, Enterprise Software deployment
        3. Phones, Account Creation - SSO
        4. Doc management, Back-ups, DR
        5. Network Infrastructure and Security
    2. Data & Applications
      1. Danielle Stanislawczyk, Team Leader - Ext# 11511
        1. Enterprise Software Support
          1. Infinite Campus - SIS
          2. Schoology - LMS
          3. eFinance Plus - Payroll/Purchasing
        2. Applications: BlackBoard, ClassLink, IXL, Destiny
    3. Systems & Support
      1. Kat Lawyer, Team Leader - Ext# 11512 with Amy Madden - Ext# 11514
        1. Support: ‘Boots on the Ground’
          1. All 1:1 devices and deployments
          2. All end user break/fix
          3. Remote and in person support, drive up support
        2. Systems: Webmaster, Google, Helpdesk

    If your ticket remains unresolved after making the appropriate contacts above, please contact:
    Dr. Gary J Mattei, Director of Technology - Ext# 11501