• The Home & School Visitor’s role in this regard is to ensure the district is operating schools for the benefit of students residing in this district Upon registration, a family is required to provide proof of residency (i.e. Lease, Deed, HUD-1, or Berkheimer DASD Tax Bill). If a family is currently residing with another family within DASD’s attendance boundaries, they may qualify as multiple occupants. A signed and notarized Multiple Occupancy Application is needed, in addition to 4 forms of proof of residency, to complete a Multiple Occupancy Application. Further, if a student is a residing with a family within DASD’s attendance boundaries, but without their parents, a district guardianship document must be completed in its entirety.

    Further, the DASD Board Policy, in accordance with School Code 1302, Policy 906, states that “The Board reserves the right to verify claims of residency, dependency, and guardianship and to remove from school attendance a nonresident student whose claim is invalid.” The Home & School Visitor investigates reports of nonresidents attending district schools and works closely with the Business Office in this capacity by verifying residency claims and making sure documentation is up to date.