• We are very interested in the success of our students and we believe there is a correlation between attendance and academic achievement. To that point, Public School Code section 1329 indicates that attendance regulations shall be strictly construed and shall not permit irregular attendance Board Policy 204. The Home & School Visitor’s role is to communicate with the families of our k-12 students, informing them of state laws and district policies governing attendance and to enforce compulsory attendance via written correspondence, phone calls, and home visits. The Home & School Visitor may serve as a liaison between families and school and collaborates with guidance counselors, teachers, psychologists, prevention specialists, and community agencies so we may work together to ensure your student’s educational success


    In PA (except Philadelphia) children of compulsory school age are those between 8 and 17 years old. Additionally, in June 2014, the PA Supreme Court upheld the Commonwealth Court’s decision that ruled once a parent enrolls their child in kindergarten, the child is now of compulsory school age  When a student of compulsory school age is out of school, a written excuse must be submitted within 3 days of the students return to school. If an excuse is not received, the absence will be coded as illegal. According to Section 1333 of the Public School Code, children and parents of children under age 18 may be called before a magisterial district judge if the child accumulates more than 3 illegal absences. For students 17 years old or older, absences without an excuse will be coded as unexcused. Families may receive notification of a student’s absences by the Home & School Visitor or the building. Examples of acceptable excuses for absences and the district’s attendance policies may be found in the DASD Student Code of Conduct and in the front of the student’s agenda book. Please remember to contact the building’s Attendance Hotline to report your student’s absence on the day of the absence.