Applying to the Academy

     17-18 STEM Staff

    The 2021-2022 Application for the Class of 2025

    is now open!


    If you missed the presentation on September 30, you can use the link below to access the video.

    Admissions Presentation


    2021-2022 STEM Academy Applications Process 

     STEM Academy Application Page

    The application deadline is 10/25/20

    Admission notifications will be sent in January 2021


     Essay # 3 Sessions: TBD

    Below are the requirements and criteria for admission, 2021-2022

    1. Requirements to be eligible to apply to the STEM Academy

    a. Resident of the Downingtown Area School District by January 1 of the applicant's 8th grade year.
    b. 8th Grade student at the time of application
    c. A minimum of a “C” Average in all core classes in grades 6, 7, & 8
    d. Successful completion of Language Level I (Spanish, French, or German) prior to the start of school.
    The STEM Academy reserves the option to administer a Level I test to ensure that students have met the world language pre-requisite.

    2. Written Evaluation
    a. Three essays, ten points for each = 30 total points
    b. Each response must be in essay format with a clear thesis and supporting evidence.
    c. Two essays will be completed online and one essay will be completed in-school (at your current school) at the end of the school day as per schedule above.

    3. Recommendation
    a. Teacher Recommendation= 12 points
    b. Each candidate requests one recommendation from a current or former 6th, 7th, or 8th grade teacher. This recommendation is submitted electronically.

    4. Scoring
    Each application is blind scored by a team of Downingtown Area School District professionals.

    5. Interview
    Interview of an applicant may occur upon request from the Academy administration.

    Total Points= 42 points