• Scholarship Information
    Scholarship opportunities that are received in the Counseling Department will be posted on Naviance under the Colleges tab. All deadlines must be adhered to, and it is the student's responsibility to verify deadlines and submit applications on time. If the application needs to be processed through the Counseling Department, fifteen (15) school days are required.

    Students should see Mrs. Stephens or Mrs. Carter for any scholarships that require nomination.
    To receive notifications from the Remind App regarding Local Scholarships -- text 81010, last name A-L @west20A-L and last name M-Z @west20M-Z.
    Please Note:
    All students should complete their profile on Naviance to ensure they do not miss out on any scholarship match opportunities. Also, it is important to note that private scholarships are not the largest source of college cash. Most scholarships and grants are awarded by the federal government and the colleges themselves. Students should make sure they check with their college to see what scholarships are available, and if they are automatically considered for them when they apply, or if there is a separate application process.
    Check the Financial Aid & Scholarship section in the link below for helpful information:

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