• As we begin a new school year, the office is asking for the cooperation of the parents and guardians at Springton Manor in helping us to operate more efficiently.  Your help in the following ways will be very much appreciated.

    ATTENDANCE – Absences/Tardiness/Excuse for Absence


    Springton Manor will continue implementing the new automated system for attendance.  When a student is not in the classroom by 8:50 a.m. the teacher will mark the student as absent.  At 10:00 a.m. a call will be generated via school messenger notifying parents for students marked as absent.  If you feel this is in error please call the school office at 610-942-8950 or email You will NO longer need to call the old “attendance hotline” to report your child absent for a single day, however, if you expect consecutive days or if it would be helpful for us to know, please call the school office and/or email the attendance secretary at sm_attendance@dasd.org.

    Any student arriving at school after 8:50 AM must report to the office with their parent/guardian and obtain a late pass before proceeding to his/her classroom, which must be signed by the parent/guardian dropping off.  Dropping your child off without accompanying them to the office is not acceptable and may result in the tardy being unexcused.  Please help us keep your child safe!

    Excuse for Absence:

    An “Excuse for Absence” email must be completed for absences as well as for tardiness.  Failure to return an “Excuse for Absence” note within 3 days of the occurrence will result in an unexcused late or illegal absence.  Please forward all communications to our attendance email, sm_attendance@dasd.org. Be sure to copy the teacher in these emails. 



    Please remember to include the following information whenever sending a note or email to school:  Date, child’s first AND last name, teacher’s name, your first AND last name, and a phone number where you can be reached during the day if clarification is needed.  Early dismissal or pick up correspondence should be sent only on the day of the request.  Requests sent in before that may get lost in the large amount of paperwork that comes to the office daily and not be acknowledged on the correct date.


    Please make all non-emergency calls to the office between 9:30 AM and 2:45 PM.  Do not leave voicemail or e-mail teachers if a response or action is needed in 24 hours or less.  There may be a substitute teacher and he/she cannot access voicemail or e-mail messages. Reach out to the office staff if immediate help is needed. 



    Parents are discouraged from picking up their children from school at 3:30 PM unless absolutely necessary, because this interferes with our normal dismissal procedures.  If you must pick up your child from school on a given day, you must send a note into school in the morning so your child’s name will be put on the dismissal list notifying the appropriate staff.  For your child’s safety, if someone other than a parent is picking up your child, we must have a note giving permission and identifying that person – please make that person aware that they will be required to show proof of ID.  If something comes up during the day that requires you to pick your child up, please notify the office before 3:00 PM.  All parents/guardians must sign the dismissal pick up sheet on the clipboard in the vestibule.  

    For your convenience…

    • If your child is to be picked up “every” Monday, Tuesday, etc. you may send in one note at the beginning of the year and your child will be automatically added to the end of day parent pick up list on the days you specified.  Please note, your child will be automatically added even on early dismissal or ½ days, unless you advise us otherwise.
    • For those times that you will need to pick up your child after school, please email the attendance secretary, sm_attendance@dasd.org, and copy the teacher.



    DASD Board Policy 810 – RIDING BUSES OTHER THAN ASSIGNED – 1) Change of buses will be permitted ONLY for urgent reasons such as medical, family emergencies or childcare purposes.  2)  Requests for change must be directed to the building principal. 

    Please note, Springton Manor procedure is that BOTH the requesting parent and the parent receiving the child communicate with the school office (preferably in writing) to be sure all are aware of the requested change.  This is to avoid a child going to a home that is not aware of the situation.  Please help us keep your child safe!

    Bus passes may NOT be obtained for Scouts, Brownies, play dates, etc.


    VISITOR SYSTEM – Raptor:

    When coming into the building to volunteer in a classroom, meet with your child’s teacher, etc., please stop in the office.  We will continue using the Raptor visitor system.  This system will, on your first visit to the school, scan your driver’s license into the Meghan’s Law database.  Volunteers and visitors will only need to scan their driver’s license the first time they visit Springton Manor.  Each time you visit, we will print a new sticker badge for you to wear into the school.  Before leaving the school, be sure to check out with the main office staff to inform them your visit has concluded.



    Please refer to the parent handbook located on the Springton Manor website.  This should answer any of your questions regarding vacations and excuse for absences.



    • Please REMIND YOUR CHILDREN to check before leaving home in the morning to be sure they have their lunch or lunch money, homework, library books, instruments, projects, etc.  This teaches your child responsibility and saves you the inconvenience of making a trip to school to bring the forgotten item.  It also cuts down on classroom interruptions, which are a major concern.
    • For security reasons, NO STUDENTS OR PARENTS will be readmitted to a classroom to pick up forgotten items.  This includes HOMEWORK.  Please encourage your child to pack carefully at the end of the day and “double check” to make sure he/she has everything that’s needed for home.
    • If your child participates in a before school activity or tutoring, please DO NOT DROP THEM OFF PRIOR TO THE DESIGNATED START TIME.  Teachers are not in the building and there is no supervision.  Your children are not allowed to stay in the office until the teacher arrives due to safety and liability reasons.  Please make other arrangements for your children if your schedule does not allow you to drop them off at the designated time.  You will be called to come back and pick them up.
    • Also, SIBLINGS ARE NOT TO BE DROPPED OFF with your children who are participating in these morning activities.  You will be called to come back and pick them up.
    • The DASD Cafeterias are going GREEN.   Monthly menus can be found on the main page of the Springton Manor Elementary School website https://www.dasd.org/Page/2664

     Thank you!