• Extended Essays
    EE – Extended Essay
    • The EE is a requirement for all IB Diploma Candidates.
    • Students who are not IB Diploma Candidates have no EE requirement.
    EE (Extended Essay) is designed for IB Diploma students to carry out research on a topic that they are interested in and to do so in a formal, academic way. The work must be independent and self - directed. It is independent in the sense that students take control and responsibility for their learning. It is self - directed in that students make the final decision on what to write about and how to conduct and organize the research.
    Typically, students spend a minimum of 40 hours researching the topic and developing the argumentation. The research must be presented in a 4,000 word (maximum) paper, following the appropriate research style for the subject under investigation (APA, Chicago, or MLA).
    Each IB Diploma paper is marked by outside examiner(s). An EE Supervisor (STEM Academy teacher) is assigned to an IB Diploma student. The EE Supervisor ensures that the research question meets appropriate legal and ethical standards, reads a full draft of the essay and gives feedback (but does not edit the work) and provides emotional support. More information is provided here.