• iMedia
    iMedia/Visual Media (Grade 11/12)
    This course will create many opportunities for our students interested in multi - media design. The course will explore environmental design of specific lighting, sound, and vide o production for a performance, event, or presentation. Areas of study include communicating ideas and stories through different media.
    Filmmaking & Broadcast Technology (Grade 11/12)
    This course provides students with the opportunity to engineer recording and television sessions with live talent. The course examines the pre-production work including script, storyboards, preparing budgets, and scheduling shoots to the post-production process of cutting, rear ranging and enhancing, adding sound effects, and music, as well as adding visual effects and titles.
    Technological Innovation (Grade 12)
    This course will provide students with an opportunity to experience the design process with their own technology - based project. The project will begin with a problem of their choice. The course requires that students work in small groups, and investigate the research, practice, and theories that suggest causes of and ways to address problem s through the lens of technology. The research will guide students in the development of an innovative idea that incorporates appropriate uses of technology (computers, smartphones, TV, game machines, etc.) as needed for the project's targeted audience and context. The course will culminate with the testing and revising of student ideas , gather ing of feedback, and preparing a final presentation to share their findings with the school community.
    Interactive Design (Grade 11/12)
    Interactive design is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services. This course will encourage students to focus on synthesis and imagining on possibilities rather than merely on the current state of systems or processes. This course also challenges students to create meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use, from computers to mobile devices to appliances and beyond.
    Web Design & Information Architecture (Grade 11/12)
    This interdisciplinary course will aid students in the construction of multimedia communication channels. This course incorporates the use of modern technologies with classic design principles to create an interactive, media - rich presence in the classroom and in projects. Utilizing web - authoring tools that allow for flexibility and creativity, the course provides students with the opportunity to gain an insight into target audience, technical limitations/capabilities and universal access as they follow a web development model.
    Game Design (Grade 12)
    Learn to write 2D and 3D games with minimal programming experience by harnessing the advanced 2D/3D graphics features of a gaming centric Integrated Development Environment! Game Design will give students the opportunity to gain development. Course topics will focus on working with data types and variables, implementing conditional logic, repeating statement, execution using iteration structures, and organizing code logic using functions. Students will incorporate graphics, sound, and other multimedia elements in their games. As a culminating project, students will create self - contained executable games with the graphics and sound files stored inside the exe file, suitable for exporting to other platforms such as Windows, MAC, iOS (iPod, iPhone), and Android.