• Mathematical innovation
    Global Marketing (Grade 11/12)
    This course develops the knowledge and skills in students that are necessary when marketing products or services that have a universal demand. Marketing strategies will be explored in the process of identifying successful global product placement. Emphasis will be placed on the use of various technologies, including the use of social media as global marketing tools.
    Finance ( Grade 11/12)
    This course focuses on the use of investments to increase personal wealth. It emphasizes return on investing, liquidity, risk, and the importance of diversification. Units on the stock market, fixed - income investments, and mutual funds as forms of personal and corporate investment strategies are included.
    STEM, Inc. (Grade 12)
    This course will develop students’ entrepreneurial skills as they create a profitable business in partnership with the Exton Chamber of Commerce. The course provides student support along the way by local businesses and corporations as students develop their own businesses and market plans. The course will explore additional facets of business including financial plans, budgets and personnel management. All proceeds generated from STEM, Inc. will be donated to a charity of the students’ choosing.
    Information Science, Services and Systems I (Grade 11/12)
    Information Science, Services, and Systems I will introduce students to the IT development field with in-depth study in the roles of IT programmers, project managers, business analysts, and quality assurance engineers.  Students will work to design software of the teacher/student's choice.  Students will each fill a role of the design process with the opportunity to work with students from other pathways to develop a software application for production.
    Information Science, Services and Systems II (Grade 11/12)
    Information Science, Services, and Systems II will continue to build upon the skills learned as well as with the design process from Information Technology 1.  Students will continue his/her work as a member of the design team with the opportunity to expand roles.
    Information Science, Services and Systems III (Grade 12)
    Information Science, Services, and Systems III will be the culmination of the design process.  This course will afford students the opportunity to finalize designs and develop a final product of the planned application.
    Statistics (Grade 11/12)
    This course provides a foundation a foundation in the study of probability and statistics.  It provides coverage of descriptive statistics in one and two variables, normal and binomial distributions, counting techniques, rules of probability, odds, and expected value.  Students use computers and graphing calculators to assist with computations and are expected to interpret the results in various contexts.
    Discrete Mathematics (Grade 11/12)
    Discrete mathematics includes those areas of mathematics that are essential to computer science, information theory, combinatorics, and genetics. This course emphasizes creative problem solving, linking language to logic, and learning to read and write proofs. The topics covered include propositional logic, predicate logic, inductive proof, sets, relations, functions, introductory combinatorics and discrete probability. This course will allow students to very quickly explore non - trivial "real world" problems that are challenging and interesting while thinking flexibly and creatively about a number of fundamental concepts to be mastered and applied in many different ways.
    Mathematical Modeling (Grade 12)
    Mathematical modeling is a mathematical tool for solving real world problems. In this course, students study a problem - solving process. They learn how to identify a problem, construct or select appropriate models, figure out what data needs to be collected, test the validity of a model, calculate solutions and implement the model. Emphasis lies on model construction in order to promote student creativity and demonstrate the link between theoretical mathematics and real world applications.