• Programming
    Computer Programming Java (Grades 9/10)
    The course introduces the fundamentals of programming language, and is designed for students who have interests in the sciences, mathematics or technologies. The course utilizes inquiry and project based instruction to introduce and develop the topics of input and output, strings, conditionals, loops, functions and procedures. The primary language of the course is Java.
    IB Computer Science SL and HL (Grades 11 & 12)
    Computer science involves solving problems using computers. Therefore a full understanding of log ical problem solving is required as well as a detailed knowledge of how computers operate. Successful computerized systems result from: a clear understanding of the problem to be solved; appropriate use of hardware based on a detailed knowledge of its cap abilities and limitations; efficient use of algorithms and data structures; thorough and logical design; careful testing and integration of all these components. Students of Diploma Programme computer science will be guided by problem solving strategies th at will be continually reinforced in their coursework. Initial stages of the process will involve identifying and defining the problem(s) to be solved using a computerized system. The problem will be broken down (decomposed) into parts, with each part requiring a particular solution. From this problem definition, the student will construct appropriate algorithms to create a solution. The emphasis should be on the use of a logical approach and analytical thinking while using a computer to solve problems.
    Students are expected to acquire mastery of the specified aspects of Java. Suitable mechanisms include encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance, although other structured approaches are possible. Mastery of a particular aspect (or mechanism) of computer science is defined as the ability to use that aspect appropriately for some non - trivial purpose that is well documented. Mastery will be demonstrated through work submitted in the program dossier.
    The computer science standard level (SL) course focuses on software development, fundamentals of computer systems and the relationship between computing systems and society. The higher level (HL) course encompasses all these elements but is extended to include: computer mathematics and logic; advanced data stru ctures and algorithms; further system fundamentals; and file organization.