Blended vs. Hybrid vs. Cyber Class

  • The Downingtown Area School District offers unique online educational opportunities.
    Cyber Dictionary

    Class format
    In a blended class, students meet in the traditional classroom two or three times a week and do the rest of the coursework online in Schoology. The students work together with their teacher on a schedule that is similar to the traditional courses.
    Hybrid students take some in-person classess and some cyber classes. Cyber classes are completely online; there is no face-to-face time. However, students can arrange virtual meetings with their teachers.

    All of the blended, hybrid and cyber courses use the same DASD Board-approved curriculum as the traditional high school offerings, including honors and Advanced Placement courses.  

    Student eligibility
    Blended classes are only currently offered to 9-12th graders. Students can register for these courses during course selection time. 
    Hybrid and full-time cyber courses are available to all students in grades K-12. Part-time students who did not register for a cyber course during course selection time will require administrative approval.

    NCAA eligibility
    Most of our cyber, hybrid and blended courses are NCAA-approved. Check with your NCAA liason before signing up for a course.

    All of the blended and many of the cyber courses assign work on a weekly basis. However, many of our cyber courses are self-paced, which allows students to work as quickly or as slowly as they need. Students should check with their teachers or counselors at the beginning of the school year to determine if their courses are self-paced.

    What do the blended classes and cyber courses have in common? Both types of courses are free to students in the Downingtown Area School District. Both programs allow students to work online and to take some additional courses at the high schools. Students can participate in our wide variety of award-winning activities, clubs, and after-school programs at the high schools. Most importantly, all of the classes allow students to receive a Downingtown High School Diploma.