Student Accident Insurance 2020-2021

  • The Downingtown Area School District Board of Directors is again making available a Student Accident Insurance Program to all students. The program is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company through A.G. Administrators, Inc. The annual cost of enrollment is as follows:

    • 24 Hour Coverage (Accident Only)                    $124.00
    • School Time Coverage (Accident Only)              $28.00

    Enrollment in this insurance plan is purely voluntary on your part; however, it does provide protection for your child at a reasonable cost. This plan features up to $250,000 of accidental medical expenses and provides benefits for a period of one year – see brochure below for more specific details. There is a $2,500 benefit included for accidental death. Please note that there is no school medical protection for those families who reject this coverage. The School District does not carry medical insurance for students.

    It is important for all parents to read carefully the terms and conditions stated in the insurance policy before a decision to purchase the insurance is made. You will note that certain benefits have defined limits.

    The School District will not be responsible for any claims above the limits outlined in the policy. In other words, this policy may not pay 100% of all costs. It is extremely important that parents understand the exclusions and benefits offered under this program.

    Parents should print, complete and sign the below brochure application designating the desired coverage, enclose correct premium and mail directly to the insurance company. There must be a separate application for each child and a separate check or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH. Your canceled check or money order will be your receipt.