Vision Planks


    Downingtown Area School District strives to improve student achievement, professional development, technology, communication, and fiscal responsibility while seeking to continuously create development opportunities, analyze demographics, and seek to understand diversity.


    1. Improve Student Achievement
    1. Indefatigably create a 21st century school curriculum and culture fostering innovation, academic achievement, and growth for all students.
    2. Understand a standards-aligned system in order to guarantee that our curriculum supports national, state, and local standards of achievement.
    3. Create a rigorous approach to teaching and learning to insure success for all.
    4. Be responsive in creating interventions to insure the success of all students.
    5. Continually improve student achievement in all schools based on PSSA as well as other indicators.
    2. Improve Professional Development
    1. Continually improve professionally in order to create a culture fostering the academic growth of all students.
    2. Able to analyze and evaluate data in order to inform our practice to understand our strengths and adjust to improve weaknesses.
    3. Preparation for organizational agility in a changing political world.
    3. Improve Technology
    1. Improve the use, infrastructure, support, and communication surrounding the implementation of innovative technologies to both accelerate work and improve student achievement.
    4. Improve Communication
    1. Create a flatter organization for stakeholder contact, collaboration, and agility.
    2. Over communicate both internally and externally using 21st century platforms
    3. Strive for transparency to imp​rove trust within and outside of the organization. d. Check the vision through an action planning method tied to organizational goals.
    5. Improve Fiscal Responsibility & Create Development Opportunities
    1. Determinedly manage recourses wisely.
    2. Prepare for the future.
    3. Create structures for alternative revenue generation.
    6. Analyze Demographics & Seek to Understand Diversity
    1. Strive to understand cultural changes, population shifts, and demographic patterns in a growing district.
    2. Cohesively create and adjust for balanced organizational patterns for our K-12 children.
    3. Maintain a clear understanding of the traditions and historical perspective of the greater Downingtown community.​