• Club Dates - Cancelled.


    Drawing Club runs 3 times per year.  If you are interested in joining, please pick up a permission slip from Mr. Wilson in room A313.  Please be aware that "new" club members will be accepted first.  If there are still spots open, then "old" members may be chosen to fill the vacant spots.  The first 30 permission slips to be returned will be accepted.   

    Name of Club: Sketch Club

    Room number: A313 with Mr. Wilson

    Day of Week: Tuesday

    Second Session:

    Duration: Year (sessions) Cancelled

    Fee: $25 participation fee; only for those who have not paid a club fee this year

    Maximum Students: 30

    Sketch club is coming soon!!! This club is for those students interested in creating their own cartoons, sketches and other drawings. Participants will have the opportunity to share original ideas, as well as conduct research to learn about artists and their published works. The overall goal of this club is for participants to have FUN while collaborating with one another to share interests and strategies to improve artistic skills.