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Name Department/Title Ext. Email Web Page
Burnham, Earl Athletic Director (610)269-8460;6129 eburnham@dasd.org Visit Page
Goss, Michelle Assistant Athletic Director - West (610)269-4400;7543 mgoss@dasd.org Visit Page
Harty, Renee Assistant Athletic Director - East (610)363-6400; 5535 rharty@dasd.org Visit Page
Casey, Mike Athletic Trainer - East (610)363-6400; 5562 mcasey@dasd.org
McCrudden, Eric Athletic Trainer - East (610)363-6400 5561 emccrudden@dasd.org
Castineira, Sean Athletic Trainer West (provided by ATI Physical Therapy) (610)269-4400; 7538Cell: (215)901-0574 Sean.castineira@atipt.com
Ritzdorf, Katie Athletic Trainer - West (610)269-4400; 7538Cell: 610-363-8390 katherine.ritzdorf@gmail.com