• STEM Academy Update - April 24, 2018
    A small fire in the STEM Academy on Sunday night was contained to the fume hood in the science prep room. The smoke was exhausted directly outside, so there was no fire or smoke damage, just an odor. The sprinkler system was activated, resulting in water damage in several rooms including some on the lower level. DASD staff cleaned up most of the water Sunday evening.  We then hired a restoration company who did an outstanding job of cleaning the school. They were on site for the next 24 hours with 52 technicians who completed the restoration.

    Hallways and classrooms on all 3 floors were detail cleaned as follows:
    * Chem sponges were used to clean all ceilings and walls.
    * All walls and floors were then wet wiped.
    * All furniture and contents were cleaned using a HEPA vacuum and all-purpose cleaner.
    All rooms were cleared for re-occupation with the exception of two engineering rooms on the basement floor (rooms 15 and 17) that had significant water damage, and the small prep room where the fire occurred. Only 6 computers were damaged by water. 

    Four (4) additional 'classrooms’ have been set up in the gymnasium and as you know, students were back in school today, April 24.
    Thank you for your patience and for weathering the inconvenience.

    Dr. Emilie M. Lonardi
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