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Anti Bullying Program at UH

Students discussing bullying

Anti Bullying Program held at Uwchlan Hills


Melissa Heivly of the Crime Victim's Center of Chester County visited Uwchlan Hills on Thursday, September 1, 2-16 to present the organization's Anti-Bullying message to Uwchlan Hills' students.  Prepared with students in mind, the program featured an introduction on the Crime Victim's Center, a refresher on the 911 hotline and activities centered around how to cope when you are confronted with a bully.


Ms. Heivly and the students talked about first impressions and how important it is not to make quick assumptions about people.   She urged students not to base their opinons about fellow students based on their race, religion, wealth, disabilities or physical characteristics.  


The children participated in two activities.  In the first Ms. Heivly handed out a list of 9 different presents and a brief description of 9 people.  The presents included a motorcycle helmut, theater tickets, and a rocket.   The children had to match the present with the correct individual.  It was quick to see when she went around the room, that everyone had picked the briefcase for the attorney, the cupcake pan for the grandmother and the theater tickets for the mother, etc.  They had quickly come to some assumptions that could be correct, except they hadn't asked for more information about each individual.  With just a little more investigation, the students learned that the attorney loved to bake, grandma owned a motorcycle and cousin Jimmy was taking dance lessons and loved the theater.   Their first assumptions about who should receive what gift weren't quite as correct as when they took the time to learn more about each individual.  


The second activity involved role playing, with one student playing the bully, one a victim of the bully and the others in each group figuring out how to help the child in need.   Ms. Heivly urged the students to think about how to react if a bully began to bother them.  To find a friend, or teacher or parent to help....and even to call the Crime Victim's Center hotline if ever they felt a need.