Downingtown Middle School

  • For the first sport a student participates in an academic year they always need the "full physical", and always need a physician's signature.       
  • Subsequent sports in the same academic year require the "recertification physical" form to be filled out. It only needs to be signed by a physician when there has been an injury/illness on or off the field during/between seasons.  On the top of the recertification form it tells  you if you answer any question "yes" you must see a physician.       
  • All athletes MUST fill out one or the other form to participate in sports.
(Please Note: For Recert Form you Only need the First 2 pages please disregard the 3rd - That one was turned in with Full one whenever a first sport was played) 
 Fall Physicals:
Girls: August 16, 2016 2:00 pm 
Boys: August 23, 2016 12:30 pm
Physicals cost $25 checks payable to "Gateway Medical"
Please download "Full physical form" (above) and have filled out prior to seeing the physician.
SPRING Sport Coaches:
Track: Darryl Darlak
Girls Lacrosse: Stacy Tukloff-Vansant
Softball: Lisa Pershall / Dave Divito
Baseball: Derek Mastrangelo / Bryan Long
Boys Club Lacrosse: Brendan McMoran / Tami McMoran / Kimberly Venzie