Downingtown Area School District

After School Programs

The Downingtown Community Education Foundation wants to inspire all children to learn, grow and reach their potential.  Our mission is to enhance and enrich the education of all students through programs that support innovative and forward-thinking educational opportunities. We are pleased to work with the outstanding teachers in the Downingtown Area School District to provide these programs that engage students and encourage them to combine technical knowledge and skills with creativity.
The "Experience" is a program for DASD students in elementary - middle school.  Winter/Spring session begins the week of Feb 6th and runs through March 24th. The exact schedule depends on school closings due to holidays and/or weather.  Each program meets 7 times during the session.  Programs in elementary schools and the 6th grade center run from 3:30-5:30pm.  Middle school programs run from 2:45 - 4:45pm. 

Explore, Create, Innovate - experience and learn through fun, hands-on programs! 


Cooking up Science - Experience the fun of learning science and math concepts with food.   Find out what happens when you combine liquids, how to make raisins dance. Create a "fruit battery", build a lava lamp while learning electricity, chemical changes and more new experiments.                    


Finch Tales (grades 1&2) Did you know that Robots and writing go together? Meet Finch, a powerful robot that can become a character in your next story. Will Finch become a race car, a soccer player or something else? Work with your friends to program a robot, write a story, and build a cool background for your Finch to star in. Finch can dance, make music, light up and more!                

Forensics - learn how to fingerprint, analyze handwriting, spot the difference between real and counterfeit money, collect evidence, and solve a mystery!  

Robot Zoo - What dances, eats, and lights up? Robot animals created by you and your friends for the Downingtown Robot Petting Zoo! Design, build, and program your own artistic animal robot using art materials and robotics. Learn advanced tricks to make your robot animals move in unexpected ways. 


Grades 6-8

Digital Photography - explore your interest in photography while learning proper techniques for capturing and saving the best photos possible. Use photo editing software to create appealing, quality digital photos. (MC6, DMS, LMS)

Engineering - This course offers engaging, project-based and FUN engineering activities. Use imaginations and skills to build bridges, cars and other "engineered" objects. (MC6, DMS)

Engineering 2 – more advanced concepts and projects. Learn about aerodynamics, potential and kinetic energy and more as you design and engineer solutions to problems. (DMS)

Programming - Learn programming techniques with MIT’s “Scratch” language to create stories, games, and animations. Student's programs will also be accessible at home on any computer with an internet connection. Students who already attended “Scratch” will be able to extend their skills with more challenging projects.               (MC6, DMS, LMS)

Robotics - Students build LEGO robots and use software to plan, test and modify their robot's behavior.      (MC6, LMS)

Please update your child's current grade when you register.   

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Fees:      $140 per program                  $70 per program for students eligible for or participating in Free & Reduced Lunch program
JUST ADDED - BC - ROBOT ZOO on Tuesdays 
SCHOOL Program Grade  Day
BC Finch Tales 1&2 Thurs/SOLD OUT
BC Robot Zoo 3-5 Mon/SOLD OUT
Finch Tales
BH Finch Tales 1&2 Thurs
BH Robot Zoo 3-5 Mon/SOLD OUT
BH Robot Zoo 3-5 Tues/SOLD OUT
BW Cooking up Science 3-5 Tues
BW Finch Tales 1&2 Tues/SOLD OUT
BW Robot Zoo 3-5 Tues
EW Finch Tales 1&2 Tues
EW Finch Tales 1&2 Thurs
EW Forensics 3-5 Mon
EW Robot Zoo 3-5 Tues/SOLD OUT
EW Robot Zoo 3-5 Thurs/SOLD OUT
LE Cooking up Science 3-5 Mon
LE Finch Tales 1&2 Tues
LE Robot Zoo 3-5 Tues
PV Cooking up Science  3-5 Tues
PV Cooking up Science 1&2 1&2 Thurs
PV Finch Tales 1&2 Thurs
PV Robot Zoo 3-5 SOLD OUT
SC Finch Tales 1&2 Mon
SC Robot Zoo 3-5 Mon
SM Finch Tales 1&2 Mon/SOLD OUT
SM Robot Zoo 3-5 Mon/SOLD OUT
SM Robot Zoo 3-5 Thurs - new!

UH Finch Tales 1&2 Tues/SOLD OUT
UH Robot Zoo 3-5 Tues
WB Finch Tales 1&2 Thurs/SOLD OUT
Robot Zoo
MC Digital Photography 6 Mon
MC Engineering 6 Mon
MC Programming 6 Tues
MC Robotics 6 Thurs
DMS Digital Photography 7&8 Thurs
DMS Engineering  7&8 Mon
DMS Engineering -Advanced 7&8 Thurs
DMS Programming 7&8 Tues
LMS Digital Photography 7&8 Thurs
LMS Programming 7&8 Tues
LMS Robotics 7&8 Mon

The Downingtown Community Education Foundation is committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate in "The Experience".   Scholarships are available - please contact Jackie Fenn 

Please consider increasing your registration payment for this session as a tax deductible donation to support our scholarship efforts.  Just $10 or $20 can make a difference! 

A minimum enrollment of 8 is required for a class to run. Full refunds are issued for programs cancelled by DCEF.  Refunds will be given up to one week prior to the start of the session minus $10 administrative fee.  Credit toward another program session will be given   for withdrawals after the start of the program session - no refunds.  Parents are responsible for to picking up children on time.  (parents will be charged $5.00 for every 10 minutes you are late beyond the end of the program.)