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  • SC Principal Update 6/12/17


    Happy Summer! Staying cool? Kids bored yet? hahaha...

    Here are two resources for you...The first is our Literacy Newsletter outlining things you can do to support reading over the summer.

    Building Readers for Life - Summer Issue docx.pdf

    The second is a list of summer programs offered by the DASD Education Foundation...check it out. Way cool stuff.

    2017 Summer Experience.pdf

    Enjoy family time...I'll be in touch soon!

    Norma Jean

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  • Farewell to 2016 - 2017 School Year


    Well it’s here…the end of the school year. Where did the time go? It truly has been a wonderful year. I love watching your children grow and that you trust us to be such an important part of their lives. I love working with our staff, truly the best…and this is my 35th year in education! We really are a family as we watch our young teachers get engaged, marry, buy houses and have children of their own. Then we get into the hipsters (as I like to call them) who have children graduating from high school and college, kids winning championships, traveling abroad or getting engaged/married and the cycle starts again. And then there are my tried and true seasoned teachers who have become masters of their trade and spend way too much time worrying about your kids and not enough time doing the things they should. So it is time for us to send four such teachers onto the next chapter in their lives…retirement. Please join me in congratulating Ms. Pat Carroll (Library/Media Specialist), Dr. Pat Miller (3rd grade), Mrs. Lottie Adams and Mrs. Carol Copeland. They all represent the finest that education has to offer. I will miss them, but I am oh so happy for them. Xoxoxox Ladies!

    The final days…

    Wednesday: Last day for Kindergarten…see you in first grade!

                      9:30 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony…Hard to say good bye  L

    Thursday: Last Student Day/Dismissal at 11:30


    Please have your child check the lost and found. There are some gorgeous coats, sweatshirts etc.. just waiting to go home! We will donate what remains after school ends.

    Although the office is open during the summer, there are times that we may not have coverage. Please call to see if we are in before you stop by. 610-458-8703

    Tuesday, August 22…Back to School Night for students/parents in grades 3-5 @ 6:15 PM

    Wednesday, August 23…Back to School Night for students/parents in grades K-2 @ 6:15 PM

    And school starts on Monday, August 28!!!!

    Kudos to our wonderful Home and School Association for making our school warm, welcoming and fun!

    Many thanks to all of you for sharing with me kind words about our staff and school. It never gets old… #lovemysharks!

    Happy Summer!

    Norma Jean

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  • SC Principal Update 5/24/17


    Art Show tonight 6:00-8:00 PM...thousands of pieces created by our own sharks! Pop in for a peek!

    Congratulations to Mrs. Romig who had a baby boy. Jaxon and mom are doing well. Mrs. Compher will finish out the school year for Mrs. Romig. Mrs. Compher has had several positions at SC and is a familiar face for the students.

    Mrs. Marx will go out soon to have her new bundle of joy. Mrs. Hogarth will take on this 3rd grade class for the remainder of the year.

    Giving Back from the Boosterthon Team…Thanks to the contributions of our families and those of other schools with the Fun Run fundraiser, the Boosterthon team made and donated over 5,000 meals for the needy. What a win-win!

    Last week…Awesome performance by our 3rd graders in their Regions Fair and our Spring concert was ‘knock your socks off” wonderful!

    Up next:

    Thursday May 25…Kindergarten Field Day

    Friday May 26…School is open/make up day for winter snow day/2nd grade walking trip

    Monday May 29…School closed

    Tuesday May 30…Home and School Meeting 7:00 PM

    Wednesday May 31…5th graders to visit MC 6th Grade Center/Iron Kid

    Thursday June 1…SC Move-Up Day**/Triathlon

    Friday June 2…Beginners’ Concert 9:30 AM

    Tuesday June 6…Goin Buggy

    Wednesday June 7…Last Day for Kindergarten/5th Grade Promotion Ceremony at 9:30

    Thursday May 8…Last Student Day for grades 1-5/Dismissal at 11:30

    In addition, there are many picnics and end of the year celebrations. Be sure to read newsletters from your teachers.

    Mark your calendars now….Back to School Nights 6:15-7:15 for students and parents

    • Tuesday, August 22 for grades 3-5
    • Wednesday, August 23 for K-2

    **Move-up Day is a tradition at SC where students have the opportunity to visit teachers of the next grade to help with the transition for the fall. Please know that our enrollment has increased and we will be adding classes at several grade levels. This means there may be movement of my present teachers and I will be hiring new staff as well. (Again, this is why I do not take requests for specific teachers.) In addition, 5th grade teachers departmentalize, meaning that all students have a team of teachers because each individual teacher only teaches one or two subjects. As always, we have an incredible thing going on here at SC. I could not be prouder of our team.

    Funny for the day…As I roamed around the Spring Fair, a third grader approached me. He extended his hand quite formally and said, “Thank you, Mrs. Welsh.” I asked, “For what?” He held his hands up and circled once saying…”For all of this.” Now I don’t know if he meant just the fair or all of the wonderful things our school offers, but either way, I’ll take it. Thank you Holden…you happy my heart!

    Norma Jean

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  • SC Principal Update 5/12/17


    The Spring Fair is ON and promises to be a really fun night. Please remember that MC 6th Grade has a dance tonight so traffic/parking will be challenging. Local police officers will be here to help. We may use the top tier of parking at the 6th grade center, closest to SC.

    Tonight, we will have an opportunity for a win-win. SC has been working on creating a “maker Space” or “Innovation Time” over the last year. Our 1st and 2nd graders have really enjoyed using hands-on manipulatives to create and develop STEM skills. Next year, it will expand to grades 1-5.

    Our Home and School Association has decided to take on a sister school as part of our community outreach. The school selected is just outside of Philadelphia. They have about the same number of students in a K-6 elementary. Funding is limited and the families there are not able to raise money for the extras. In the past, we have helped to provide books for their library with the help of Miss Carroll. For the upcoming year, we want to help provide money so that they can create a Maker Space too.

    In order to do this, we will have a raffle to “NAME THE PRENT LOOP!” With a donation, you can put your name in for a drawing and if selected, a sign will designate the parent loop with your name.

    Ie: Welsh’s Way or Conway’s Course of Dennin Drive…So this is a win-win. Your family may win the parent loop name for the year and we can help another school community enjoy some of perks that we have.

    Thanks, as always, for your kindness and generosity.

    Norma Jean

    Upcoming events:

    Wednesday the 17th … Regions Fair for grade 3

    Thursday the 18th… Spring Concert

    Friday the 19th…Field Day for grades 1-5

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  • SC Principal Update 5/7/17


    Hello Parents…

    Thanks so much for making our school team feel so special all week. The baseball theme was a hit and we all enjoyed the treats.

    This Friday, we hold our annual Spring Fair. Yay! It is a big event and we expect a great turnout. Here is some pertinent information:

    1. All students must be accompanied by an adult.
    2. Students will be held to the same standards that we have during the day…Be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Kind.
    3. Parking… MC is holding a dance on the same night from 6-8 PM. Our fair runs from 5-8 PM. Parking will be a challenge for both schools. We will have access to the MC upper parking lot nearest to SC. Please do not park in the spots closest to MC as they will need that space for drop off/pick up from the dance.
    4. This is one of our biggest fund raisers of the year and your support through attendance and volunteering is imperative to the success of this event.

    I look forward to seeing you at the Spring Fair…good times ahead!

    Norma Jean

    Upcoming Events:

    Wednesday, May 10…School Nurse’s Day!  Thank you to Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Houdachek

                                    Early dismissal at 1:30/Modified Kindergarten

                                    School Board Meeting…Retirees Recognition~Congrats to Mrs. Copeland, Mrs. Adams, Miss Carroll and

                                    Dr. Miller

    Wednesday, May 17…3rd Grade 3 Regions Fair/ Grade 2 to Crystal Caves

    Thursday, May 18…Spring Concert at 7:00 PM

    Wednesday, May 24…Art Show 6:00-8:00 PM


    Thank you to all those who donated items for the Teacher Appreciation events this past week!  We do have an ALL STAR TEAM here at Shamona Creek! WE NEED YOUR HELP...VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR SPRING FAIR.  CLICK IN THE LINK BELOW TO SIGN UP:

    NOTE: Pre-sale Food and Ticket Orders due:  Wednesday, May 10th

    Spring Fair Pre Sale Order Form.docx



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