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  • Principal Update 1-13-17


    Hello All…

    Yesterday, 5th graders worked on a collaborative activity to create a roller coaster using pipe insulation, masking tape and a cup.  The goal was to create a “roller coaster” with at least one turn and loop that would allow the “car” (marble) to run the distance without skipping the track. Students used stop watches as they determined the average speed of their car. Although it was a little hairy for me to see kids climbing all over the furniture, this activity was all that and a bag of chips! Application of the scientific method, math, teamwork, trial and error….GREAT stuff!!!

    The installation of our new playground equipment is under way! Hooray. I am so excited to see what Home and School bought with the money from the Boosterthon. (It is a surprise, even for me!)

    Habits of Mind/Growth Mindset…I am a firm believer that social and emotional growth is just as important as academic. We are promoting the traits of successful people using the Habits of Mind as a basis. Last week, we learned about empathy. The ability to understand others’ thoughts and feelings. I shared specific examples on the daily broadcast. Ask your child about empathy.

    Today is also our first Friendly Friday. All students write a note of encouragement to someone else. This is a great practice for kids to recognize one another with praise and kind words. J

    Please call now to schedule an appointment for Kindergarten registration. 610-458-8703. Mrs. Templin and Mrs. Conway will be glad to help you.

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday, January 16…No School MLK Day of Service.

    Wednesday, January 18…Early dismissal for prof. dev./Modified Kdg hours

    Tuesday January 24… Science Fair

    Monday, January 30 MASCOT MADNESS begins….Go SC!!!! More soon…

    Funny for the week…We have a little one who was injured recently and needed to have surgery. I saw him in the nurse’s office the other day and said, “You know, I think of you each day when I say a little prayer for you.” He looked at me and replied, “You better say 3 or 4!”

    Norma Jean

    Opportunities for Families…

    February is Dental Health Month…Your child can receive free tooth sealants to prevent cavities. See the attached.

    Free Sealant Flyer Feb 4 2017.doc

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  • Principal Update 1/6/17


    Happy New Year All…I hope the holidays were chock full of good times with friends and family. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2017.

    We are settling back into the routine, despite the late opening this morning. Everyone arrived safe and sound.

    If your child attends A Child’s Place, please see this attachment for guidelines.

    ACP Snow or Emergency Closing Protocol.pdf

    Reminder…the modified Kindergarten schedule on late openings is:

    AM 10:50-12:40 and PM 1:40-3:30

    Important Notice…We are now accepting appointments for Kindergarten registration. Registration begins on Feb. 27 through March 3. Please contact the main office if you have an incoming Kindergartner. I ask that you also spread the word. It is important for me to know early on how many new sharks we will have so I can staff appropriately. Thanks so much.

    January is a busy month. Lots of things on the horizon…

    Tuesday, January 10…Human Growth and Development informational meeting for parents of students in grades 4 and 5. See attached…

    Parent Letter Human Growth abd Dev 2017.pdf

    Monday, January 16…No School. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

    Wednesday, January 18…Early Dismissal at 1:30 with modified Kindergarten

              AM 8:50-10:40         PM 11:40-1:30

    Tuesday, January 24…SC Science Fair at 5:30.

    Monday, January 30...Mascot Madness BEGINS!!!!!!!!

    Mascot Madness is a BIG deal at SC. A few years ago, Dr. Mussoline wanted to challenge our school community to a friendly competition related to healthy life styles. For 3 weeks, students and staff log in time spent daily on some kind of physical activity. The scores are compared to the other DASD schools. Well, SC is always up to a challenge and for 3 out of the last 4 years, we won the Elementary division. (Actually, we won for the whole district so many times that they had to come up with a leveled system!!!) Not only do we get a huge trophy, but we can win up to $500 to use for wellness initiatives at SC. Woot Woot! (Now many of you probably already know this, but Mrs. Copeland and Mrs. Adams will retire at the end of this year. They have been a major force in our positive school climate in oh so many ways and I would love to bring home one more win…just for them!)

    Academically, we are Number#1 in all four of the Philadelphia counties and Number #7 in the State. Let’s show how well rounded we are! (See how I work that stuff in???)

    More info to come soon.

    Stay warm and dry…

    Norma Jean Welsh


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  • Principal Update 12/21/16


    As we come down the homestretch, I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity. The SC community contributed a large number of toys through the Second Chance Toys program. The following Philadelphia organizations send their thanks!

    Logan Head Start, Youth Council, Pratt Early Childhood Center, Ellwood Head Start, Iglesia Del Barrio Church

    Our Literacy Specialists are invaluable in supporting reading for all of our students. Please take a minute to read this informative newsletter…lots of great tips for parents!

    Building Readers for Life - Winter Issue.pdf

    Gentle reminders:

    If you are coming to school for events, please remember to park at the MC 6th Grade Center once our lot is full. It really is not safe to park in the fire lane or block exits/entrances to the parent loop. Safety First!

    When dropping off children in the parent loop, please be sure to stay in the car and the keep the line moving. At times, traffic gets backed up onto Dorlan Mill Rd. Let’s try to avoid creating a parking lot out there! Please and thank you!

    We have a full day on Friday. If you need to pick up your child early, please email the teacher and so that we have advance notice of early dismissals. (This is also true if you are coming in to participate in a holiday activity. We do not call classrooms to retrieve siblings unless we have prior written notice.) Just saying…we are up to 627 students and we work very hard to ensure the safety of your children and to avoid disruptions to the instructional day. School re-opens on Tuesday, January 3, 2017! Yay!

    Wishing you the Merriest of Merry and the Happiest of Happy. I count the students, parents and staff of SC among my blessings.

    Norma Jean Welsh


    From Home and School:

    The Science Fair is around the corner and we need judges! (I LOVE the Science Fair!)

    Click the link below to sign up for one of two areas of judging:

    • Non-competitive judges: No experience needed...just listen to the kids present their project and give them some feedback. 
    • Competitive judges: Some experience judging or a STEM background will be helpful but not required. Only for fourth and fifth graders competing to move on to the county level fair.  


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  • Principal Updates 12/16/16



    SC Update 12-16-16

    Hello Friends….

    Have you nominated a teacher from SC for the Citadel Heart of Learning Award? It takes just a few minutes to do. Not only are we the #7 highest ranked elementary in the Commonwealth, but we have a staff who genuinely cares about the welfare of our children. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Please click here to show your love of our staff: Citadel Heart of Learning Award

    Last week, I had the opportunity to fill in for Miss Carroll during a first grade Rosetta Stone/Maker Space period. What a great experience! I watched a student struggling to match a pattern using tangrams. I mentioned that she picked a tricky one. She responded… "That’s okay, Mrs. Welsh. Tricky ones mean I work harder and get better." (Seriously!!!) Another student liked using the materials because, "I get to discover stuff." And finally, another student said, "Playing is learning!" I cannot make this stuff up! I so enjoyed watching the children collaborate and create using hands-on manipulatives. Here is a really great video on learning and creating. (It’s only about 3.5 minutes.)

    Thanks so much for working with the DASD schedule that allows teachers to participate in professional development each month. Wednesday was a great day for our staff. One of the things we looked at was a list of Fortune 500’s most valued characteristics in an employee. Although the chart showed the difference from 1970 to 1999, I would venture a guess that this is very indicative of what our students need to know for future jobs. Food for thought!

    Top 3 in 1970 Top 3 in 1999

    1. Writing 1. Teamwork

    2. Computational skills 2. Problem-solving

    3. Reading Skills 3. Interpersonal skills

    4. Oral communication 4. Oral communication

    5. Listening skills 5. Listening skills

    Upcoming events:

    Winter Holiday begins at the end of the day on Friday, December 23. We return on Tuesday, January 3rd.

    Norma Jean Welsh

    From Home and School Association:

    Variety Show to be cancelled! If we do not find 2-3 parent volunteers theShamona Creek Variety Show will be cancelled. This is an event the children look forward to every year. Home

    and School has a very detailed guide, provided by Patty Frank as to how the show is run. PLEASE step up and help the children of Shamona share their talents!

    Thank you to all the kids and parents who made cards for the seniors at The Eagleview Senior Housing. May you experience the JOY during the upcoming Holiday that you have given to the home-bound seniors…


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  • Update part 2 12/1/16


    And now for some additions:

    The Shoot Out Update that did not get attached. Sorry!

    Basketball Shoot Out Update.docx

    From Home and School…

    Interested in purchasing some awesome SC Shark Spirit Wear…Check this out.

    SC Spirit Wear Flyer 2016.pdf

    Support a local small business and our school…Shop at MonkeyFish Toys and receive a 10% discount for yourself and 1 10% donation for SC! Win Win!

    10 10 Shamona Creek for Monkey Fish Toys.pdf


    Playground Update: Older pieces will be removed next week and we hope to have the new installments completed over the Holiday break (Or sooner!)…YAY!

    That’s all folks!

    Norma Jean

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