Downingtown Area School District

Frequently Asked Questions

When I register my child at a school, do I need to contact the transportation office

to set up busing?

No, the school will provide our office with the needed information. This applies to both

public and non-public schools.


My family moved during the school year. Who do I call with the new information?

Contact your school. They need to keep student records up to date. The school will send

your new address to each department that needs to be updated.


If I have a complaint about a bus driver, who do I call?

You can contact the bus contractor directly. Normally, a problem is taken care of

immediately and does not happen again. If not, contact the transportation office and we

will become involved. Or you can contact us first and we will send the contractor a

written complaint. Phone numbers for the contractors are available on the transportation

page of the district web site.


If I have a complaint about a bus stop, whom do I call?

You would need to contact the transportation office. If you are requesting a change to a

bus stop, we require all requests in writing. Requests can be sent to us through the school

office, email, faxed or through the regular mail. The district guidelines are available

through this web site and may answer other questions concerning bus stops.


How long may a child be required to ride on a bus?

There are no time limits set by law or regulations.


How far may a child be asked to walk to a school bus stop?

The law allows a school district to ask a child, regardless of age, to walk

up to a mile and a half to a bus stop.  The mile and a half is measured by

public roads and does not include any private lane or walkway of the

child's residence.


May a school district suspend busing services for a child?

Yes.  Transportation is a privilege, not a right.  School Administrators do have the right to suspend a child from use of the school bus service for inappropriate behavior.